Who we are

AdsBullets is a division of KRSolutions, a global consulting IT company providing consultancy services since 2008. After a very successful journey AdsBullets is born as a global performance marketing agency providing advertisers with high quality targeted traffic to reach out their desired online audience. The digital advertising market is constantly evolving so we focus on innovative solutions. We’re passionate about the internet, technology and engaging people on the web. We love it and we are good at it.

Our core business is providing the infrastructure technology and managed services to develop, expand or improve advertiser’s digital media campaigns, whether the objective is direct sales, lead generation, service registrations, trial offers, or application downloads.

Our Display division at AdsBullets aims to drive quantifiable results through the capabilities provided by Real Time Bidding Display technology, a.k.a. Programmatic Display, which gives us a great opportunity to reach most of campaigns’ goals.


What we do

We leverage technology and put it to your service to get the most of your campaigns. Real Time Bidding gives us the chance to first test and later carefully place ads to the right users in the right moment. RTB is continuing to gain real traction and is being embraced by many advertisers as integral to their Display and wider Digital performance strategy. We connect directly to ad-exchanges to place the best offer to the best user in the best moment.

How we do


First task we do for a campaign is research.


Then we run a display campaign for a broad audience.


We collect data for all users visiting or clicking on our landing pages.

More Research

This provide us with enough data to make more research.

Data analysis

Next we cross this data to 3rd party data from a DMP provider.


Then as an optimization process we segment and narrow audiences.


Next we run campaigns for each audience and optimize again.


Last, keep repeating the optimization process.


A brief example

Let’s imagine we run an affiliate campaign for a dating service using a broad audience for people interested in dating sites.

After few months running the campaign we gather enough data to start crossing to DMPs’ 3rd party data.

Crossing this data we were able to find that most of the converting users were single executive males from 35 to 45 years old. That would be one of our killer audience.

Also we could find most of the conversions coming from single females from 30 to 40 that showed interest in night clubs. That would be another killer audience for this campaign but sure different landing pages.

Last we could find few conversions coming from males living downtown in Paris aged from 25 to 30 so this could be a potential audience but not a killer one. Also a different landing will be used.

Finally we stop the main campaign to start running it only for this killer and potential audiences and distributing the budget proportionally to the potential incomes that each audience could generate.


The most obvious are conversions which are welcome in both sides.

For each user clicking on our display ads we get knowledge about the audience for a campaign and for the market niche related to the offer.

In the other hand the advertiser will not only get conversions but also branding for free as we’ll be using their creatives in our display inventory.

We take care of where our ads are placed. Only sites with good practices and sites related to the product niche are selected to build the display inventory for the campaign.

Even for those consumers not clicking on the ad, we still provide them with a heightened brand awareness through just glancing at it, i.e. free branding for the advertiser.

Join us

We understand the importance of protecting your brand, which is why we only work with leading technology partners which implement industry’s best compliance measures. Whether you’re focused on generating leads, sales, subscribers or installs, you can rely on our team of industry experts and their extensive knowledge and experience to navigate all the traffic channels of today’s global digital landscape.

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